Photo Credit: Pamela Aquilani Photography

Matt’s Fish Camp


Fenwick, DE


Sodel Concepts


6,275 Sq. Ft.

Project Type

Fisher Architecture is thrilled to be working with SoDel Concepts again! It is a significant moment in our firm’s history to be a part of Matt’s Fish Camp brand. Tasked with taking an existing restaurant and developing the space into something more unique and diverse is an honor. It was already a great place for people in Fenwick to go, however SoDel will elevate the location with its unique investment and commitment to the second level outdoor dining experiences. The architecture and interior design will aid in reinforcing that mission.

We are really excited about this opportunity as a company. With this new restaurant we can continue to pay tribute to our founder Matt Haley, the restaurant’s namesake, and serve great food in a beautiful space along Delaware’s Coast. We will be open year-round and will offer indoor and outdoor dining.

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