Photo Credit: Pamela Aquilani Photography

Oceanview Brewery


Oceanview, DE




5,368 Sq. Ft.

Project Type

New Construction
The new brewery will be a significant contributor to the restaurant scene; bringing a unique design to this high-level product. Our goal was to create a space that incorporated all the necessary features to make it successful – a great bar, unique and fun dining areas, and an intimate outdoor rear patio. In addition, we linked the outdoor area to the front bar side so patrons can go for a quick drink or sit and have a casual dining experience. With any project, there are always obstacles and challenges that we need to overcome. The Ocean View Brewery is located on the second floor of the establishment meaning we had to focus on evaluating the relevant codes and incorporate structural components to support the brewing tanks; knowing that the visibility of the tanks was an important design feature to the owners. To achieve this desired design, we incorporated a glass wall in a raised two story section as part of the interior.

We are so excited to bring a first-class brewpub to Ocean View, we have so many loyal customers in the area, and this has been a long time coming.

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