State’s Attorney – Salisbury, MD Location

Fisher Architecture LLC - Wicomico County State's Attorney Office

Fisher Architecture provided full architectural services for the renovation of this eighteen thousand square foot building is located in Downtown Salisbury, Maryland. The project was initiated to aid Wicomico County as they were in need of a larger, more functional space for the State’s Attorney’s office to accommodate additional Deputy States Attorney’s and administrative personnel. The project also included space for a new location for the Child Advocacy Center. The once old, vacant, dilapidated building on the corner of Salisbury’s Main Street became a new and refreshing influence on the east side of the city. The newly designed space and layout of the building provided the organization with more opportunity for collaboration between local law enforcement agencies and attorneys.

The Fisher team worked pro-actively and collaboratively with the States Attorney Office, Wicomico County and project engineers, city building officials, developers and builders to fast track the project which resulted in the delivery of the completed project ahead of schedule.

“The building’s design and amenities added life to downtown, dignity to people’s lives and the neighborhood and became something people could see with their own eyes. A “thing” that economically boosted the downtown area.” JAKE DAY | SALISBURY MAYOR

“This building helped improve the overall morale of the entire staff.” MATT MACIARELLO | WICOMICO COUNTY STATES ATTORNEY

Project details can be found here.