Fisher Architecture LLC, Leisure & Hospitality Projects

Being centrally located to one of the East Coast prime vacation destinations has helped our team gain a tremendous amount of experience in the design of hotels, restaurants and night clubs, including waterfront venues and large scale hotels.  Regardless of the location, hospitality venues require a quick turnaround.  Our team is dedicated to working a design, seeking approvals and finalizing a budget to streamline the process and deliver the client with a   successful opening during a prime time to maximize success for the business. 

Our hotel team has experience in the design of hotels that are “Flagged” or have franchise affiliation.  We have worked with the branding standards of LaQuinta, Hyatt Hotels and Comfort Inn.  We know the efficiency of the floor plan not only saves in construction cost but makes a broader impact on the day to day management and operation of the hotel.  

By including our clients in the process from the concept phase and giving them necessary preliminary information we are ultimately paving the way for a much more streamlined and successful project.  Our team is experienced with setting realistic timeframes for all types of projects which become a road map for a successful completion.