Fisher Architecture Hired to Draft Designs of Church to Brew/Pub Venue Transformation

Posted on - November 17, 2015

Fisher Architecture was contacted by Harry Metcalf in the Spring of 2015 to begin the schematic design of a Brew Pub / Restaurant facility. The process began with multiple on-site meetings to assess the historical nature of the existing church. The original church was built in 1873 and was owned by Jacob Bell. The goal was to create a design that complemented the church. Externally, the aesthetics of the existing church are to remain in their historical nature, and the exterior of any addition would give the appearance of a function commonly seen with a church in the late 1800’s. The Fisher team worked with the owners to strategize themes. A carriage house design was selected for its function, as well as, the ability to merge the Church’s historical qualities with the Brewery, an up and coming business. The brewery itself duplicates many of the features of the church, such as a steeple tower, Stained Glass Window accents, façade colors, and even a bold red door.

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