Pittsville TAD Students Present Architectural Plans to Keith Fisher

Posted on - December 15, 2016

Pittsville Elementary TAD (Thinking and Doing) students presented architectural plans for 500 Riverside Drive in Salisbury, Maryland to Keith Fisher, principal, Fisher Architecture.  The students are studying architecture and were tasked with proposing a plan and designing any structures that would fill the vacant downtown lot.  After months of polling people in the community, deciding on what would fill the space and working on site plans and blueprints,  the students presented their plans to a professional architect.  Keith Fisher was happy to help out by evaluating their work and presentation.  

“I was very impressed with the plans and all of the work they put into putting the presentation together,” said Fisher.  “The one piece of advice that I offered them was to be as creative as they could be and think outside the box.  If we as architects don’t do this, then structures, buildings and properties would all look the same, not very inviting.”