The Powell Building

This historic downtown Salisbury building has been through many transitions throughout its eighty year history. When the downtown area was at its peak, the building represented an iconic thriving center of retail and commerce. Sadly, the height of downtown did not last and retailers were forced out leaving the Powell building empty. When Fisher was awarded the project, our goal was to maintain the significant historical architectural characteristics. We capitalized on the building’s rich history and focused on bringing new life into the Powell building by altering its use and incorporating apartments above its traditional retail structure. Under new leadership, Downtown Salisbury has seen an incredible resurgence; with a true desire to contribute and grow the heart of the City. Our clients realize this and have put a significant investment into one of the more prominent and popular streets in Salisbury’s downtown. This project will bring a new living experience to downtown which in turn will bring more people to the area and contribute to the success of local businesses. The updated Powell Building has emerged as a symbol of the renaissance that Salisbury’s downtown is experiencing.

We love it, to me, it’s one of the most challenging types of architecture … Taking existing, old, historic architecture and adapting it to a demographic that wants to live downtown.

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